Monday, June 4, 2012


OKAY. I have not been on blogger since February and it has a new look and I am having a mini meltdown. Jesus. I was prepared to make a comeback, but now I have to overcome this technological hurdle. Let's get back on track. TODAY IS RUSSELL BRAND's 37TH BIRTHDAY! I love him dearly. He hosted the Video Music Awards last night and I was smiling like an idiot the entire time. This is my homage to him. Check back on the blog. I'm going to be updating every other day. The next entry will be about my life and have a polaroid in it!

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Matt Benyo said...

Grinning like an idiot while I sat stone faced like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Because he wasn't/ isn't funny.

But your drawing it good! It does have a biblical influence, as you mentioned, but you can tell its him. The nose has such good depth!!