Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Boxie the Boxer.

While spending time with my family on Christmas Eve, my little sister showed me some art that my nephew did and I was blown away (as usual). I think kids make the best art. It's so magical. They are free to explore and create without any doubts or limits in mind; it's just pure and wonderful.

So, when I saw this dog in the snow, I had to know about it. Who is this dog? What are they doing? According to my 7 year old nephew, they read or watched a movie about dogs and he decided to make a Christmas dog. It's a boxer, so he gave the dog boxing gloves on its feet and a medal around its neck with a B on it (also for Boxer). When asked what this dog's name was, he said it was Boxie.

I've never participated in a "draw this in your style" challenge, but I was thrilled to start with this. This is my version of Boxie the Boxer. It somehow lacks all of the magic that his has. As artists, we have a lot to learn again that we forgot as kids.

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