Monday, September 24, 2018

The Tale of the Midnight Madness.

Next up in the series is one of my favorite episodes ever because it features NOSFERATU! This episode deals with a failing theater called the Rialto, but Dr. Vink shows up (Fink? VINK! With a vuh, vuh, vuh and he is NOT a nut bag!) and he says the solution is in his hands. He gives them a movie of his and says to run it and their problems will be solved, but in doing so, he wants one night a week to show his movies. Well, they put it aside and forget about it, but one day, the film they are showing messes up and they have no choice, but to put Dr. Vink's movie on. Turns out, it's NOSFERATU: THE DEMON VAMPIRE and it is a HUGE hit! Of course, I can't ruin the whole thing, but it gets scary pretty fast and it's awesome.

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