Friday, September 19, 2014

Jeremy & Kari.

Matt Benyo and I were honored to have been asked to create the Save the Dates for our dear friends, Jeremy Cappello and Kari Ennis. I've been friends with Jeremy since 2002 and I've known Kari since middle school. I couldn't be happier for the two of them as they prepare for their trip to the altar. It has been an exciting ride thus far and when I met with them to discuss Save The Date ideas, we chose this one involving Detroit. They are getting married at the beautiful Colony Club and I wanted to capture the area. There was so much preliminary work that went into this. I'll include some of the building sketches, but I drew 20 heads for each of them and these were the ones they chose. After I drew everything, Matt Benyo took it into Photoshop and brought it to life. He was also responsible for all of the calligraphy and the beautiful J&K symbol. We received these in the mail YESTERDAY and I ran out to the mailbox like a 10 year old. It was so exciting opening it and having a tangible copy!! Next will be the invitations; PRESSURE IS ON! Matt and I are both really proud of what we created and Jeremy and Kari have both commended our efforts. I am so excited for this wedding because I know it's going to be special for two very special people that I get to call my friends. Here's to Jeremy and Kari! I urge you to click to enlarge because there's a ton of detail.


lorrie said...

awesome matt' got some good handwriting and the graphics are adorable good job.

Matt Benyo said...

We rock.