Monday, April 11, 2011

The Weekend Update.

I wanted to thank everyone for supporting me on my Lady Gaga post Friday. The comments were overwhelming. I appreciate all of the positive reinforcements! :)

How was everyone's weekend?! Mine was swell. I had a date with Russell Brand (I wish). I saw ARTHUR. Matt Benyo asked me if the reason I loved it was because of RB, but no; it was a cute movie (doubly so if you love RB). I wanna see it again.I went to a rendition of Grease: The Musical at Matt Benyo's old high school with Nate and Megan. The dancing was my fave. I wanted to get on stage and do the hand jive. The Pink Ladies and Cody Buege (he played Kenickie) were the best. Afterwards, we went to this bar called the Crow's Foot or Crow's Nest. It was great because 1) They had AMAZING pizza and 2) THEY HAD KARAOKE! When Sweet Caroline came on, EVERYONE IN THE BAR SANG IT (and they did the BAH, BAH, BAH's AND the SO-GOODs)! I was smiling so big! Then we went to a party. I got home around 2:30 am and slept til 8:30 pm Sunday. When I woke up, I helped cook tacos. I shredded the lettuce. Splendid weekend!



Anonymous said...

Russell looks RUHL creepy. So basically this is spot on. KUDOS to you, Kevin.

But in all seriousness this is gr8.. and I do actually find Russell Brand creepy. It's the long oily hair I think. To each their own or teach their own. Or however it goes.

Kim Raley said...


I LOVE Russell Brand!
I'm so glad you finally included him in a piece :D
It looks awesome.

I saw Aurthur too. I wasn't that impressed. I was hoping it would be a really funny movie that made me laugh, but it ended up making me cry. I also watched the original a few days before I saw the new one and they are Extreamly similar (even some of the same dialogue) Either way, I can see why they chose RB to play Aurthur. He's alot like the original character and he played the character well.

I liked the penny part :)

My mom told me that she met you. She said I have nice friends! I'm sad I couldn't make it to the musical. I heard it was really good this year.

I'm excited for this weekend! :D

P.S. I finished your card :)

Matt Benyo said...

Crow's foot?? HAHAHAHA

I love that bar. The food was so good!

RB looks spot on in this illu. Unfortunately, that means old and not hot. ;)

He is charming, but not easy on the eyes! (at least not my eyes....)