Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phone Photos.

I feel EMPOWERED because I figured out how to send my phone photos to my email/computer. You're probably thinking 'what an idiot', but I only just found out about the marvel that is the 'search box' on my blog (thanks to Matt Benyo) in December; so this is a BIG DEAL. Here's 9 photos (from left to right):
1. Cody Buege after Grease.
2. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.
3. Me getting down on Jamba Juice in NYC.
4. Me being a hipster at Ram's with glasses that aren't mine.
5. Matt Benyo and I going to see Lady Gaga.
6. Post-Football in NYC Pt. 1.
7. Deborra-Lee Furness article.
8. Post-Football in NYC Pt. 2.
9. Rhiannon and I at The Bean.My awesome friend, Alyssa, sent me this photo of my shoes on display at my old stomping grounds, CCS. This is the reason I wanted to try to figure out how to send photos from my phone to my email. NOW I FEEL LIKE I CAN DO ANYTHING!

1 comment:

Matt Benyo said...

That is soooooo awesome CCS has that posted!!

And I how creepy of you snapping pics like the paparazzi! lol

I'm honored I'm in the middle!