Monday, September 20, 2010

Custom Shoes: Joe A!

I'm going to get back to updating everyday on Monday September 27th. Mark your calendars and plan accordingly. I just finished up another pair of custom kicks for my dear friend Joe Alvillar. This was the first pair of Converse I've worked with and doing it on hi-tops was both a challenge and a blessing. I enjoyed the extra canvas room that other shoes don't provide, but working on top of the gesso (as opposed to just drawing on top of the leather Keds) was a challenge. These took me FOREVER (mostly because of the design alongside the lace holes). I also feel compelled to really design the tongues even though you don't see them. I'm sending these out to Joe today. I hope you love them, dude! If you're interested in your own pair of custom kicks, you know who to call (not the Ghostbusters). CLICK FOR DETAIL!


Lynnifer said...


Anna Lisa said...

These are hella tight. What did you use to draw on them?

Pretty said...

Finally. They are beautiful though.
Awesome work by an awesome artist!

Btdubs, how are you going to update your blog at my internet-less apartment?!

Anonymous said...

pic of the backs???

Nicole said...

aaaw rockin' shoes! I have a pair of converse knock-offs that I got in Canada for $6 CAD and they've lasted me several years now (still goin' strong! ...sort of...), but I do wish I had a pair of converse... I feel like a 'super sell out conformist' or something saying it, but I am not ashamed. It is the truth: I want a pair of converse. I'll say it again I WANT A FUNKY PAIR OF CONVERSE! aaah yes. That feeeels good :)

Sue said...

Do you smell that?

What is that awful smell that reeks out of my computer when I'm on this blog?

It smells like onions?!!