Sunday, November 3, 2019

13. John Wayne Gacy.

With this piece, I didn't want to glorify John Wayne Gacy or Pogo the Clown, but I wanted to highlight something about him in a way that isn't traditional. Serial killers have become an infamous part of popular culture that people have developed a fascination for, but what about the victims? Can you recall a single victim that lost their life at the hand of Gacy?

In 6 years, he took the lives of 33 young men. Serial killers are who they are because of the lives they take; the victims and the murderer become intertwined. The victims are more important than this man, but they aren't remembered that way. They make this man who he is and that's why instead of a traditional portrait, this piece comes together using only the names of the 33 victims repeatedly; 6 of these individuals remain nameless over 40 years later.

I wanted to make sure that they were also used for the background with the blended ink because after they became a headline, they faded away into the background, but they shouldn't have. This piece is to acknowledge them.

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