Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Day 31: A Collection.

THE LAST DAY! I successfully completed all of the portraits I set out to do. It was a real challenge, but one I am happy I undertook. For my final three portraits, I present: David S. Pumpkins (as played by Tom Hanks), my dad, and Michael Myers. All three are intrinsically linked to this day; Halloween. My dad was always a big fan of my art and so, I wanted to make him proud by sticking to and following through with this challenge. I think I did. I was able to have lunch with my mom today and it was really nice. Though we have reached the end of the month, these portraits inspired me and I want to keep making art. Tune in a week from today to see the next set I do. I'm doing 9 portraits each month until I get burned out. TUNE IN!

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