Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fun Fact #17!

I'm going to get back to blogging more soon. Major shout out to my 3 little troublemakers: Alayna, Jordan, and Leah! I hope Hawaii is fun guys! I miss you! :) Here is another Fun Fact. Did you know that I'm obsessed with Egyptology?


Anonymous said...

GREEN HIPPO MUSHROOMS TO YOU! We love you!cavemen like mushrooms too ibetcha! haha JUST KIDDING (they only eat rocks) its leah and alayna (and the other one :) neon... WE look like lobstas!!! (with a light salt coating) (and a side of spinach BLECH) (are lobsters crunchy?) (we had them for dinnah tonight) (they were fresh) (lke my weave) (jordan fell on the floor during dinner) (her feet are round) (we went surfin todayyy) (my(leahs)board is orange with green frogs on lillypads!) (jordans is hot pink with black zebra print) (alaynas is purple with gold and silver polka dots) (we watched soul surfer though and almost didnt want to go again!) (we sat on the boat allll day and watched dolphINS)


Anonymous said...

why are you stalking these poor children? :) love you!