Friday, March 19, 2010

Tom Waits & Shoes.

I'm into Tom Waits. I read this 400 page book about him called Innocent When You Dream and he's the bee's knees. I did this silhouette in my sketchbook.Today I hung out in a tree because I was bothered and then I went to walk around the park for two hours with my friend and we had a great time. We went around dusk and the best part was seeing the stars come out; I love it! Well, I ended up storming away in a mock-rage because I said that I could see Mars, but SOMEONE didn't believe me and made fun of me, and walked right into a SWAMP, basically, AND destroyed my shoes. Janine told me to throw them out because they mess up the washer/dryer (and they have holes in them) so bye bye white slips. Luckily, I have your brother shoes in my closet that I don't want to start wearing, but looks like I'm just gonna have to. Today's lesson: don't storm off the path or you'll ruin your shoes.


vince said...

oh man! that is great! ... sorry about the shoes.

Anna Lisa said...

what was the tom waits book?

i love that man's crazy voice. and the cut out is fabby. i just saw him in bram stoker's dracula.

heidi pumpkin pie said...

use oxyclean on those shoes! they will look almost like new!

oooooh look I'm finally able to comment on your blog!!! <3

Anonymous said...