Saturday, February 6, 2010

Avatar & Stu.

I finally saw Avatar today. I think 2 of the 4 times I cried was based on how overwhelmed I was from the imagery. James Cameron, you lunatic, you've outdone yourself AGAIN. If you haven't seen it, the only way to see it is in IMAX 3D.The Hallway Show pick for this week is Zach Galifianakis so I have been watching The Hangover a lot. I decided to do this blind contour of Stu (Ed Helms) after he pulls out his tooth. I really liked the way the eyes and the tooth spacing came out.(I didn't take that Avatar picture. I found it on


Bo Lumpkin said...

Hey, I'm not sure I like the reference to nerdy Hillbillies, that's too close to being a nerdy redneck.

Anonymous said...