Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Walmart Wreckage.

2011 has been weird and not very nice to me. I asked Janine for her charge card so I could buy some items from Walmart at 11:30 pm. I hate Walmart, but it's open 24 hours, which makes it convenient. I wrote the list on my hand and scoured the store. After an hour, I deemed my pursuit complete and made my way to the registers: only 2 open and Walmart was packed. I chose the slower line because I thought I would receive the least amount of hassle at the register; I had Janine's card and I didn't want them to not let me use it. "How you doing?" I asked the cashier as I unloaded my items. She rang everything up and a line of 3 people formed behind me. $27.90 "Do you want the gum with you?" I nodded, and put the gum in my pocket. "Is this gonna be credit or debit?" she inquired. "CREDIT!" I said, feeling victorious; she didn't ask to see my card or ID. Then, disaster struck. "Your card isn't working." Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. "It can't read the card." I looked back; 6 people stood behind me glaring and judging. In my head, I was hoping this wasn't really happening, but alas, it was. "Do you have another card on you?" She asked. Of course I didn't have another card on me. "Yeah, let me run out to the car and get it." I did the speedy shuffle, abandoned my goods, and booked it. I was a raging cajun. I reached into my pocket and realized I put the gum in there. I got home and explained to my parents what happened. The first thing Charles says is, "Did you return the stuff to the shelves?" (#isthisguyserious?) Turns out, the card had sufficient funds, but the strip wasn't readable in machines and the numbers had to be typed in, but NOPE, they didn't tell me this piece of KEY information and that lady didn't try it so my hour was wasted and my articles left in vain. Out of the whole ordeal, I left with a pack of gum and a lot less dignity. When all else fails, blame it on 2011. Suck it, new year.The title of this post was deemed as such by Zack Taylor.


Not Kevin said...

I just thought of this (actually I thought of this last night when I tried to comment, but I thought I'd keep it as real and in the moment as when I first typed it.) you can put your card in a plastic bag and swipe it and that would of worked. I'll do it at DG for people all the time. MIZ.
Well, at least now you know for next time.

Yesterday my car broke. Blame it on 2011? ALWAYS.

Anna Lisa said...

oh dear :( poor chelsea. at least you sorta got some gum?

Matt Benyo said...

I find this very humorous.

Sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but we had a line full of Sams judging you and you just hightailed outta Walmart.

You rebel.