Monday, January 24, 2011

Enjoy The Little Things.

This post is dedicated to the little things that I enjoy. 'Enjoying the Little Things' is rule #32 in Zombieland, and it's an important rule at that. I especially enjoy:
#66: Tight, meaningful hugs mean so much to me. When someone hugs me, I want them to hug me like it's the last time they will.
#153: When you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time happens to me the most with Matt Benyo and it's SO GREAT. How often does that EVER happen let alone with the same person on multiple occasions?
#48: Recalling good memories with old friends happens most with Rhiannon. We often stroll down Memory Lane unless we're planning new adventures.
I also enjoy having video chat parties with Rhiannon, Alex, and Brother Chan. Here we are raising our glasses; to friendship, good times, and the internet working.

I just looked at the tumblr that inspired this post and I have to additionally add:
#194: Guys who smell good!
#192: Just shaved legs.
#191: Spontaneous Adventures!
#183: Accents.
#181: Late-night phone conversations (or skype)!

What are some of the little things YOU enjoy? (Click images to enlarge)


Matt Benyo said...

This time Rhiannon and Chelsea look normal.
Chan is making a weird face, and it looks like Alex wasn't ready for the photo, like she's mid-word or something.

Get it together, folks.

Pusse pusse.
It's a pimple.

Anonymous said...

16, 74, and 155 are probably my favorite. OH and 57, how could I forget 57? I hope 57 was for the Jonas Brothers.

Also, still can't believe iChat worked last night. All we need to make it work is a 3rd party member. Rad.


PS post the list of things to do.

Clorinde said...

I'm glad you like accents, hehe.