Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guilty Pleasures.

Red Velvet is my favorite cake (funfetti comes next) and Shelby surprised me with a piece when I picked her up from work! I haven't had any red velvet in FOREVER.I stayed up for 27 hours today. I managed to make some art and I finished Big Fish (the book). I was actually surprised how different it was from the movie. The characters were the same and a lot of the stories were similar, but it wasn't pieced together in a cohesive way like the movie. I wonder how different my opinion would be if I had read the book before seeing the movie. I'm biased and all about the movie, but I thought the book would be just like it. It's worth checking out. I like the way the author (Daniel Wallace) writes. I literally just finished it so I'm still processing it. I do love reading though. I wish I could spend the night at the library.

Here is a link highlighting the 10 Most Creative Resumes. Some of them are neat, but some walk that fine line between clever and stupid as former professor, Dave Chow, often reminded us in Portfolio Presentation.

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Nicole said...

mmm, I love red velvet cake!
I haven't seen/read Big Fish, but I've picked up loads of books to read for my dissertation.. Haven't gotten through them all, but some are really good. Not really sure about recommending books, though, because my own taste is so specific...

Nice link there, btw! Some of the CVs aren't very impressive to me... but some are really neat! Thanks for linking!