Saturday, January 29, 2011

Butch Walker.

Butch Walker is one of my all time favorites. I've seen him a ton of times, met him a few, and got a photo once. I was introduced to him back in the day by my cousin, Raechel. We saw Butch Walker when he was in Marvelous 3. I still have the guitar pick Jayce Fincher (bassist) gave to me back in (I want to say) 1997 when M3 played with Collective Soul at the State. I was 10. He's evolved so much as a musician, continues to wow me with his music, has made quite the name for himself in the biz, and, oddly enough, he's bffs with my best friend's favorite musician.Here's one of the many reasons I adore him:

i just want to say that life is precious. life is wonderful. life is unpredictable. so please, go out and life your own. it’s going to only get weirder and wilder from this point on, so please, don’t sit in your little bubble and listen and follow what you have been taught or told your whole life (because there’s a 72% chance that it was all BULLSHIT). you have the ability to take chances, sleep on floors in random strangers’ houses, drive around the country, fly around the world (if you can afford a ticket), backpack anywhere, and believe anything and nothing. whatever it is that you choose to do, just do it, and act on impulse and will. i can smell it on people a mile away if they were brought up as carbon copies of their own peers. the shirts, the lingo, the philosophy, the record collection, etc… just take chances because you will never regret that. this is a promise.



Julia Maiuri said...

i love him even though i've never heard of him.

Rebecca said...

i love EVERYTHING about this post. and i'm jealous you've met him so many more times than me!