Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Locked Out.

I thought the bad things for today were over. I pulled an all nighter and this morning spoke with Rhiannon. I told her I was going to go on adventures having assumed I got my daily dose of disaster out of the way with the Walmart incident that occurred at previously (thus ensuring my safety for the rest of the day). WRONG. I headed to Value World. Value World is like the Salvation Army, but it's cheaper. I pull in, turn the car off, open the door, lock it, and slam that baby shut. I start walking towards the doors and feel for the keys. I knew I did it before I even looked; I locked the keys in the car. I had planned on whiling away the hours casually browsing for hidden second hand gems, but instead I would spend the next 45 minutes trying to figure out how to unlock the lock in the car. #miz. I went inside and stole a giant hanger. The window was cracked wide enough that I could fit 2 fingers in, but the hanger wasn't long enough. I went back inside, explained my situation, and was presented with a wire hanger. I untwisted it and turned into MacGuyver as I made a make-shift hook thing. I relentlessly tried unlocking the lock. No luck. I was laughing at my horrible luck, on the verge of tears, and once again, a raging cajun. I called home, Janine laughed, and told me we didn't have a spare. I hung up. I kept trying. The cold stung my face as a black lady watched with judgmental eyes. I came up with the idea to tie the wire around the big hanger and lower it in when a stranger approached:
Guy: Do you need some help?
Me: I don't know if there's anything you can do that I haven't already done.
Guy: Does this have automatic locks?
Me: -I just stare at the window-
Guy: Hello? Is this your car?
Me: Oh. Yeah. Yeah, they're automatic. I think.
The guy maneuvers the wire hanger into the car and instead of going for the lock on the inside that I was trying to lift, he went for the unlock BUTTON that unlocks the actual lock that is too heavy to be lifted by some stupid wire. He had the car unlocked in 5 seconds. I stood there and just started laughing hysterically as I realized how stupid I looked. I hadn't even thought to try to hit the button that locks and unlocks the car. He said, "My name's Mike. What's your name?" I said, "Chelsea!" inbetween fits of laughter. "Well, Chelsea, you look cold. Next time, you won't need to rig two wires." He opened my door for me, let me get in, closed it, and told me to have a nice day. I thanked him and watched him leave. Before he left, we both waved at each other and I smiled the biggest smile ever. I couldn't help but think that Mike was some sort of angel. I read this book about the kindness of strangers, but rarely witness such things. Here are some sketches of the incident. When I got home, I told my family the story and Charles blatantly asked me if I was "effing retarded" and everyone laughed as they additionally recalled my humiliation last night. As a result, I'm not leaving the house for the next few days. #blameiton2011.


Julia Maiuri said...

Chelsea I don't know if you realize this but MIKE IS TOTALLY YOUR SOULMATE AND YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO MARRY HIM.

JustinRiopelle said...

hahahaha, this whole hotel room just cracked up :)

Matt Benyo said...

How embarrassing.