Monday, January 10, 2011

Fort Tire.

Wanna know why this weekend was so good? Because Matt Benyo, Brother Chan, and I built a FORT in Matt Benyo's living room. We made one on the couch and then we made one under 3 chairs. It was the best thing EVER; not even exaggerating. You wanna bond with someone? Make a fort and hang out.

Today, Brother Chan and I went shopping from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm and it was exhausting. We went to Ann Arbor. At 3, we went to MB's to watch Jersey Shore. At 4, we headed out. On the way home, I'm talking to Rhiannon, and she says:

Rhiannon: Nothing bad has happened lately.
Me: Dude, why would you say that? That's not even funn--I almost hit some guy pulled over in the fast lane! Thanks a lot. OH MY GOD! IT'S MATT BENYO!

It's definitely Rhiannon's fault, but #blameiton2011. The bad luck bug has been passed on to Matt Benyo. I went to his rescue. I held the nuts and bolts and made sure no one ran into us with their vehicles. I kept having flashes of cars hitting us, but at the last second, I would throw us out of the way. That didn't happen, but a cop came speeding up behind us and asked us if we were almost done over his megaphone and Matt was like, "YEAH!" It was SO cold out. I couldn't feel my face or hands and my eyes were all pupil. I was really impressed with Matt Benyo's flat tire changing skillz considering I have none. I laughed as we were standing out there because the cop probably thought Matt was changing the tire for ME; not so much, Mr. Cop. He started hootin and hollerin on the loud speaker, but I didn't know what he was saying so I bid Matt Benyo adieu and carried on. Then I called Rhiannon and told her what her words had done and we deduced that as soon as she said nothing bad had happened, MB probably got the flat tire.

Upon returning to my area, we got nomz (pizza party), but then I was an animal at dinner. Everyone started fighting and Brother Chan started screaming "WE WILL ROCK YOU!" at the top of his lungs and for a single moment, I felt proud to call him my brother because it was a real animal moment.

I finished Harry Potter 7 this weekend while wearing a shirt that said MUGGLE. I cried while nearing the end/finishing it. No shame.


Rhiannon said...

#BlameItOnRhiannonGoedel? Nahhh, #blameiton2011.

I'm just glad the bad luck has passed on. Sorry MB, it's your turn. But wait, now that I said that it will probably come back. *knock on wood*

- Frank the Tank

Anna Lisa said...

no matter how many times i read number 7, i always totally cry.

Julia Maiuri said...

today my car was side swiped right in front of my house! i am officially on the blameiton bandwagon.

Matt Benyo said...


The cop was yelling at us, "Hurry up before someone dies..."

I should have yelled back that I just back from a funeral, so that probably wasn't the best choice of words...

For a single moment? You don't always feel proud to call Chan your brother?

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, or a cat on the wall, for this family feud. It sounds fun.