Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post Valentine's Day/Rhiannon.

I had 3 Valentines (Alex, Rhiannon, and Blake) because I was collecting Valentines like Pokemon. I couldn't say no to any of them. Blake and I decided to get dressed up and have a skype date. We were each other's across-state-lines Valentines! I was waiting for Alex to get off work upon which time I suggested we take an impromptu trip to visit our dear friend Rhiannon (2 1/2 hours away) and surprise her for her birthday. Well, it was a great success and I drove like a CHAMP and got us there in about 2 hours. On the way there, I decided we should sing to her outside of her window by calling, but she'd hear us outside too. Brother Chan goes, "Which song will we sing?" Alex and I just looked at him, dumbfounded. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHAN. WHAT DO YOU THINK?" We arrived and called Rhiannon: "Hey dude. I'm gonna sing to you, okay?" We start singing. Rhiannon screams from inside her house, "WHAT THE HELL?!" and she rushes to the side door to meet her three bffls. #priceless. We hung out for awhile and all of us looked like buttholes because we didn't bother getting ready; we had to make good time so these are legitimate #realtimez. Also, while on the way there, Matt Benyo told me to check his blog out when I got to Rhiannon's and when we did, Rhiannon and I screamed! It's SO GREAT! Matt Benyo, you are such a good person. This pulled at my heart strings.Rhiannon has a chalkboard wall! So I drew some things:After 2 hours, we said farewell and I drove home while Brother Chan and Alex passed out. It was a rough 2 hour ride and my eyes burned, but we made it home in record timing. We went out for breakfast (which was amazing) and now we're all home. It was 1 million percent worth it to see how happy Rhiannon got. Rhiannon, you're the biggest Kevin I know, but I'm really happy you were born. You're a great person and an incredible friend. I'll be your Sydney. I'll be yo doug. I'll give you a sandwich to put in your hoodie pocket that won't fit. You rule, dude. Here's a collage to show our friendship. People will probably think I'm in love with you. I'm not. Happy 23rd Birthday, friend. Have fun looking for Kevin in that book and watching Titanic.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously so amazing. I died. You guys are the best friends I have. Who else would drive two hours (four total) just to hang out with someone for a couple hours?
Those pictures are so terrible. Usually black and white makes it look better, NOT THIS TIME. Woof. #Realtimez indeed.

I also enjoy the heart. Maybe people wouldn't jump to the conclusion that you were in love with me if it wasn't a heart? LOLOLOL. #hoemance

Thanks for the blog post and thanks for coming to wish me a happy birthday!

"WHAT THE HELL!?" *tries to open window*

- Rhiannon