Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Dentist.

"I can't eat that popcorn." [said popcorn was Drizzled Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn]

"Why?" Janine asked. "It's too sweet. I can't chew it with the right side of my mouth because it hits my tooth and sends chills down my spine." Charles laughed, "You need to go to the dentist." I didn't even hesitate when I said no. "Oh, you will." Charles continued. "I don't think so. I'm not 7." I protested. "We'll just have them put you in a straight jacket like they did that time you were 3." Janine said.


From an early age, I've hated doctors. I also hate pain. When I was 11, I went to get a shot and it took 4 people to hold down each of my flailing limbs while the 5th injected me. I digress, but it's important to understand that before I tell you this.

The dentist was Dr. Santoro and according to Janine, I used to LOVE going to him because he had toys everywhere (this was obviously a clever ploy on his part). Prior to my appointment, my parents told him that I didn't like the dentist so he gave them a drug to give to me in an effort to make it easier on all parties involved. On the way there, I was woozy, drooling, and lolling my head from side to side; think David after the Dentist. However, as soon as they arrived, I shot straight up and it was as if they gave me nothing. I guess I was SO incorrigible, Dr. Santoro PUT ME IN A STRAIGHT JACKET. I said, "Why didn't they just give me the gas?!" Janine told me they did. So, recap, I was drugged, gassed, and put into a straight jacket when I was 3 years old by a maniac. It's not like I'm a rhino; those measures were unnecessary. Is the reason I don't remember this story because I was so young or because I blocked it from my memory? I don't know, but thanks for traumatizing me at an early age, Janine & Charles! This is the sort of way you'd handle a Chucky doll; not me. It's no wonder I hate doctors. I think my tooth feels FINE now that I think about it.I used a nib and ink to do this! Click to enlarge!


Shelbyk said...

How the hell does a dentist even own a straight jacket? Lol

Anonymous said...


Raechel said...

Remember when you wanted to be a dentist?

Julia Maiuri said...

this story is so tragic but the drawing is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL. You were a little demon even from the start.
I can just see you bobbin' your head in the back seat and then right as you make the turn into the dentist's office you're completely unfazed by the drugs. Awesome.

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Anonymous said...

This is so good Chelsea! I'm so glad I got to preview it last night. I love the Dentist's face haha.

Anonymous said...

Wowsers!,Chelsea!! Is this guy still in business?

Anna Lisa said...

oh man. my dentist was a dick but never that bad.
there was a time in my life when i wanted to be a dentist (one of the few times i didn't want to be an artist). but then i got braces and i suddenly didn't want to any more.

Kassandra Heller said...

I love this illustration and the story that goes along with it!

I hate the dentist too but never to the point of a straight jacket!

Matt Benyo said...

Comment galore, huh?

I like the fine lines. It resulted in such a small picture. Right up your alley.

You probably don't remember this because of all the drugs you were on.

I, personally, much prefer the dentist over the doctor, but don't really hate either. You should go so your teeth don't rot out of your mouth.

My verification is "undies". Wth?

dany chandra said...

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mark smith said...

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Pat Bou said...

Let me start by saying, I don't believe that you have a low pain tolerance. I've seen all the tattoos you have and there is no way you could withstand the incisive needling of that without a bit of tolerance. That being said, there are many dentists out there that specialize in painless dentistry. postponement will only lead to more pain.....that being said, I think it says a lot about a person by the care they take of their teeth. Good Luck