Thursday, February 24, 2011

"Good Story, Gordie."

I've always been into writing and telling stories. The other night, Rhiannon, Brother Chan, and I were skyping and Rhiannon asked me to read a scary story out loud (because she said I have a good reading voice). We wanted to read THIS, but I don't own it. We looked on youtube for someone reading them, but the audio was bunk. Eventually, I came up with a fictional scary story involving an abandoned mansion, the 3 of us (plus 5 of our mutual friends), and The Midnight Game. It took me an 1 1/2 to improv/come up with/tell the story, but they both enjoyed it. Rhiannon said I'm like Gordie from Stand By Me; a storyteller. I used a nib and ink and came up with this. I'd like it to be something that happens this summer; friends, campfire, charred marshies, and some good ol fashioned story telling. Click to enlarge!


Raechel said...

You write amazing stories... Remember story time? Dude, you should revive them... Who has the notebook anyway?

Anonymous said...

That story was phenom, Gordo.
On the RBTOUR11 can we camp one night and tell stories around a campfire? And by we I mean you.

i like this picture Kevin. Looks like a #realtime.

- Rhianon

Brad said...

thanks for stopping by chelsea! i have been working on my backgrounds, as I have ignored them for far too long. they are a whole other beast to tame. thanks for noticing!

this illo is great, and you background is wonderful! i love how the moon is lightly reflecting off the trees, it really adds some nice depth!


Matt Benyo said...

I can tell who some of the people are supposed to be, but am stumped on one, maybe two of them.

I'd like to hear this story. Too bad it'd never be around a campfire camping since you don't camp. ;)

Anonymous said...

So would this be Rhiannon, Alex, Chan, Matt, Nathan and who else?