Friday, February 4, 2011

Optimus Prime!

This is it; the moment everyone's been waiting for; this is the best paper cut-out I've ever made. THE SCAN AND PHOTOS DO IT ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTICE! I can't stop looking at it and it's 3D in real life (which is why the second image aka the full frontal looks blurry in some spots; because it's not all flat so it didn't scan accurately. WHOA 3D). I put 13 solid hours into making this little baby and it's as if it's my own child. I started with the following papers (see first picture), cut em up, used pencil, pen, a little paint for the eyes, and did some dry painting over the final product to give it that scratched-up metal effect. Also, please notice, by clicking images to enlarge, the corners of the card have this silvery textured paper and I was trying to make them look like SCREWS. I thought that was cool. What's most exciting for me isn't that this looks like Optimus Prime, but that I've evolved so much as an artist. I've come a long way and I'm excited to keep going. Why did I make this cut out card? My little sister's best friend's cousin, Logan, is 10 and was recently diagnosed with leukemia. He loves cards. I encourage you to make or buy him one as well:

Logan Pledger
6478 County Road 43
Clanton, AL 35045


Matt Benyo said...

First of many, I'm sure!!

It's amazing Chelsea. Lived up to expectations!

D. Klein said...

Chel, you're a fucking rockstar. I knew so from day one. I love your art.

Anonymous said...

This is rad. That black outline really makes it pop! I bet the person who helped you decided on that one is ruhl cool. ;) Totes mcgotes!

- Rhiannon

Cori Steele said...

As a fan of cut outs and Transformers, I think that this is really, really great! I love that you made a homemade card for Logan. I will try to send him a card as well!

JustinRiopelle said...

so, are you like one of those artist types?


super cool! i still have to participate.

Greg Zulauf said...

chelsea this is insane. i think i told you that already. i would save a card like that over my parent's cards