Monday, October 4, 2010

"This Is An Adventure."

Here's my Bill Murray as Steve Zissou over on The Hallway Show. This is the first cut out I've done in ages. Twas kind of a challenge. I'm sad because I returned The Life Aquatic and I want to watch it NOW. It has slowly made its way into my top favorites, but it's okay that I don't have it. I'm jamming Lady Gaga. I'm listening to BOYS, BOYS, BOYS. It's my second favorite song by her. Side note; I went to Apple Charlie's today and I found that the anticipation leading up to it was more exciting than actually being there. I wonder if that's how it is with everything. It may also depend on who you do things with. Anyway, click the image for bigger action.


Matt Benyo said...

We like BOYS in cars!
Buy us drinks in bars.
With hairspray and denim.

Only 2nd favorite? What's number 1?

I really like your completed Bill/Steve. It's real good.

You'll have to enlighten me with your knowledge on cut-out-ing because I really like that style.

Kristina said...

Kirchoff! This is BA! You continue to amaze me with these cut outs you do. :)

Brad said...

absolutely fantastic chelsea! WOW! i have tried a steve zissou myself and it turned out like crap. love the collage cutout!

Henry Frank said...

This is awesome.