Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Lady Gaga Binge.

I am on an omega Lady Gaga binge. I sang Paparazzi today for 4+ hours. Versions included: the original, instrumental, Greyson Chance, and 2009 VMA performance. I've got this song DOWN. I keep staring at my pictures from the concert. Well, pictures that may or may not include Taris and/or Matt Benyo (I'm kidding about staring at you MB, but you know I keep looking at the one of Taris. I mean, it's TARIS). I'm brainwashed. This montage has all things GAGA. Some faces look like her. Some don't. Some are blind contours. I just had a lot of fun with this. Before I drew this, I wasn't having fun doing art. Gaga helped me get my moxie back.


Matt Benyo said...

If this were facebook, I would hit "Like," and then I would comment and say "Can I LOVE this?"

Because I do LOVE it! :)
I'll have to post my Gaga art soon!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow! <3

PS. I am currently listening to Gaga and I was when I loaded your page. IT WAS MEANT TO BE!

AND PSS. Yes Taris is delish! ;)

Matt Benyo said...

When I wrote "PSS," I meant to write "PPS."

I wasn't sure if "PSS" was right, so I looked it up, and I was wrong, it's "PPS" which means "post-post-script."

And if I were to add something else, it would be "PPPS."!

I'm always spreading my knowledge like butter on a bagel!

Matt Benyo said...

My favorite drawings of Gaga are:

-The biggest one, in front of Teeth. Gorgeous!
-The headband/telephone one.
-The one of the far left, with the origami head piece.
-The middle one with the meat dress hat.

Also, I love the drawing of the heart at the bottom. And all of the quotes from her songs.


I think this post ate my heart.

Matt Benyo said...

Oh, and I DO NOT believe you when you said you were kidding about staring at me.

I don't want to sound narcissistic, but I honestly believe that you are staring at me AND Taris, not just him.


Betsy said...

Wow! This is really good Chelsea! I wish I could draw. You have a great talent.
Apparently, Matt thinks so too since the first 4 comments are from him!! lol.

Nate Bou said...

chelsea, you better watch what you say about Taris, you know he reads your blog! lol :-p

Good job!!