Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Learning To Love You More.

My friend introduced me to, Learning To Love You More. LTLYM promotes creativity through art, writing, and music. It has a variety of assignments listed on the left hand side. I did #16: Make A Paper Replica of your Bed. Others that I'd like to do:
-Photograph 27 significant or important people in your life.
-Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry.
-Say Goodbye.
-Make a LOST poster.
-Ask your family to describe what you do.
The in depth descriptions are on the website under the assignments section. It was difficult constructing my bed. I used construction paper and I stuffed a piece of cotton ball in between two white sheets of paper to make my little pillow. It took me about an hour. The first photo is my REAL BED. The other photos are of the mini model. Enlarge to enjoy my bed its miniature glory.


Matt Benyo said...

DUDE! You sleep on a couch?

That little mini couch/bed is awesome! I want to do some of those things listed on that site!

I'm excited! :)

Julia Maiuri said...

this is fantastic!! i want to do the "draw a scene from a movie that made you cry."

Nicole said...

THIS SOUNDS COOOOOL! I must do some of these! It seems like something that could make me rather happy (while I should be doing my dissertation...). And your paper replica is lovely! Very charming and very accurate (I say based on that photo, but hopefully yours holds up better and is more comfortable than what I imagine that little paper one would be like...hehe).