Friday, October 22, 2010

NYC: Part 3 of 3.

Read Matt & Nate's blogs to get all of the details I missed! MATT POSTED A VIDEO OF SWATCH! Their blogs are so funny. This picture is from the first night, but for some reason I didn't post it. It's a nice picture with Nate!So, the night before, Matt and I were up til 4:30 and Nate tried to wake me up at 10:00 am and I was a MONSTER. I was screaming and probably hissing and spitting fire and I told both of them I wasn't going to go out. It was probably Matt's calm demeanor that got me to finally get up. We got ready and headed out and went to this little cafe for brunch. Matt and Nate got sandwiches (barf) and I got a fruit salad, french fries, and pop. PICKY EATER FOR LIFE. Breakfast of champions.This cafe had halloween decorations cleverly placed so that when you walked in the bathroom and shut the door, you went to the bathroom on yourself from the shock of seeing such things in the bathroom. After brunch, we headed to some stores. By this time, I was feeling the real PAIN of having a BUM FOOT from playing soccer. I don't know what the hell I did, but I felt like I had a zombie foot and each step I took was the pain equivalent of having a sledgehammer dropped on my foot. MIZ! Sidenote; Matt was wearing everything that I love so I was in love with him this day.Then we headed towards Times Square because that's where Mood was and our goal was to see Swatch the dog! However, Christopher Columbus aka Nathan the all-star navigator made us walk for at least 20 minutes in the WRONG DIRECTION and then I had a meltdown and started crying because my foot hurt so badly and I didn't want to move; I wanted to die. I was all about taking a cab, but these babies wouldn't let me. So I hobbled on. Finally, we got to Mood and I FOUND SWATCH! Matt and I were giggling and petting him and we went to lay down on the ground, right by the register, where there was a huge line, so we could get a picture next to Swatch, but he got up and ran away so I put my face in the carpet and laughed on the ground like a fool. We got up, found him again, laid down and I tried to take a polaroid, but the whirring from the camera made him run away. One more try and it was a MAJOR SUCCESS. WE WERE SO HAPPY!I finished up my Vitamin Water and we were about to leave when Matt saw a sign that said Swatch loves water bottles and he told me I should give him mine. I threw it down and Swatch loved it! His little ears shot up and he started running around the store with it. Isn't he the cutest little dog?!After Mood, we went to China Town and had the scariest encounter ever. Well, at least in my life. People sit there and say, "OH! DETROIT IS SO SCARY! DETROIT IS BAD NEWS!" Wrong, people. You are SO wrong. NATHAN was looking for a wallet and this place was shady central. Thank GOD it wasn't dark out. There were a bunch of scary characters asking us if we wanted various things. I don't think I've ever been happier to have Matt Benyo by me. This one guy was like, "You wan' some WEED?" "NO WEED! NO THANKS! BYE!" My little feet were scampering. Finally, we get by this Popeye's Chicken and this guy tells us to go WAIT INSIDE while he goes to find wallets. We get inside and it's like the black mafia just posted up shop. All sorts of deals going down. I looked wide-eyed and terrified. I wanted to reach across the table and punch Nathan in the nose, but we kept it cool and after awhile, they both got wallets and we left. Another guy tried to sell us weed and I basically ran around the corner because I noticed he was following us. I told Matt and Nate I didn't want to go back that way and that I'd rather go around the block, but Matt suggested we just go across the street. Okay. That seems better. So we cross the street and we're walking and I had my head down as Matt guided us along the street. I looked up for a split second and made eye contact with a husky man on a stoop. He had 4 teeth. FOUR. And he went NUTS. He started screaming, but he couldn't talk so it was basically barking and guttural sounds. I DIDN'T REALIZE FEMALES AREN'T ALLOWED TO MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH A HOLES. He didn't leave the stoop. I hope it's because there were lasers around it. This caused me to basically run to the subway. My foot was KILLING ME, but I'd rather be in pain than dead in China Town. In the midst of this, Nathan was like, "Take a picture of me!" Clearly HE blacked out while all of this was happening.We then went to Central Park and a bunch of other places that I'm blacking out on and we decided to jump on the subway only we realized we were on the wrong side so we had to go up all the stairs and down the OTHER side, but our passes wouldn't work for 18 minutes because they were just used and this was when we had a big fight. Nathan and I were yelling at each other and people were staring and I was like, "THIS IS NEW YORK, NATHAN!" He walked away. I walked away. I didn't care; I was in NYC. Then I started singing impromptu songs about being stuck and also telling people not to come out of the Subway and other fun things. Matt and I were just laughing as always because I think in order to be in the subway laughter is necessary though it does let people know you're not from there because New Yorkers don't laugh or smile they are just mean. After 18 minutes, we got on the subway and walked around. We found this really incredible place called Prime Burger. It was this throwback 70's decor style restaurant, kind of a hole in the wall, and totally affordable. I got a hamburger for $6! AND it was black as a hockey puck! The waiters were sassy and the best part of all, YOUR SEAT WAS LIKE A BIG HIGH CHAIR! So cool!After this, we decided to head out, but before we started towards home, we were going to make a detour to the town of SLEEPY HOLLOW. You know, where the whole Headless Horseman thing went down? We arrived at 9 pm and the town was small, quaint, and mildly spooky. We parked the car and walked around. We found this path in the park that we walked down and at one point, I swear there was a girl standing a ways off. Matt and I were just standing there TERRIFIED and trying to yell at 'her', but she didn't move. Nate was just walking around like it was NOTHING. After a bit, we came to the cemetery and we hopped on this stone wall and just ran into the cemetery like maniacs. We were dodging graves and going towards the center. It was pretty spooky and my adrenaline was off the charts. Then we started hearing noises so we trekked back. While on our way back, we stopped at a gas station and got SLUSH PUPPIES and of course I got blue raz because that's my flavor. We noticed the town was FULL OF PUMPKINS which I'm guessing is sort of like a sacrificial thing; if you don't put a pumpkin outside, you're gonna get your head chopped off. Well, unfortunately for the auto shop, we took their pumpkin which I put into my satchel which resulted in my satchel dragging the ground, basically. Matt helped me carry it back to the car. We then drove/kind of walked to the sign so we could get a picture with it, but not before Matt stole a pumpkin which we took back with us because we are two rebels and don't believe in curses (like Nathan).It was 10:00 pm and we decided to head back. Nate went into the back of the van to sleep and Matt and I set out on the open road. It wasn't long before we stopped and I decided to buy a 5 Hour Energy drink. I got into the car and I said, "Matt, we're gonna both drink half of this. It's the worst thing you're ever gonna drink, but we're doing it." Good thing he didn't decline. It's disgusting. We did our 5 Hour Energy shots and I chased mine with Strawberry milk. It was comparable to doing some sort of drug I think because we were WILD and WIRED. We also basically sang songs THE ENTIRE WAY HOME. I lost my voice from singing so much and so loud. We sang Glee's version of "Don't Stop Believing" at least 30 times and we sang it GOOD. We also sang some High School Musical and at first, Matt pretended like he didn't know it, but he did and that made me the happiest person in the world because I'm all about duets and he's a real good singer. We also sang Rocky Horror and Repo and came up with this great idea to pitch to the Jackman's called The Rocky Horror Repo Show and it's going to be the best thing to ever be put into motion. We stopped awhile later and I got ANOTHER 5 hour energy and we did shots of that too and then we were refueled and good to go. It was SO FOGGY that at times I was terrified, but Matt drove like a champion. He drove the entire way home! I was so impressed! I was the co-pilot the entire time too. We talked, we sang, my legs kept getting cold, but it was one of the best parts of the trip. I'm really glad I know Matt. Nate is great too despite the fact that sometimes we fight. He woke up at one point and we watched some funny youtube videos and sang some songs together. Sing alongs are the best. We arrived at my house around 9:45 am. A successful 24 hours of being awake! We told Janine some of our stories and then my two dear friends left my house. New York had come to an end. This was my 5th time being there and it was an amazing time. I still can't stop thinking about it! So many memories and laughs and inside jokes. I'm excited for my next adventure with these two!

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Matt Benyo said...

Zombie sledgehammered foot!

He is the most adorb dog ever!

haha, Guttural sounds! Animal.

"Don't come back through! Seriously! Don't leave the subway! EVER! You wont get back in!" haha

10 hour drive/sing alongs FTW!