Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NYC: Part 1 of 3.

Matt, Nate, and I went to NYC Friday. We stopped at Niagara falls on the way, but to my dismay, the falls were not lit at 4:30 am. We went to a casino and I lost $5 within 5 seconds so I threw in the towel on leaving a winner. While at the falls, a nice asian man jogged by and he took this timely photo. I missed the memo on black zip ups.We headed back to the car, but everyone got into a fight. No one would let me drive and while Nathan was being a jerk, we realized we couldn't find TOM (the GPS) so I asked, "Where's TOM?" It was a dead serious question. Matt laughed. Nate did not. We found Tom and rolled outta the casino. The stars were BEAUTIFUL. I didn't sleep at all because the co-pilot isn't allowed, but Nate said I didn't drive so I basically didn't do any work. Wrong. Being the co-pilot is a task. Co-pilots stay awake and they don't leave the Captain hanging. I am the best co-pilot. We got to NYC around 12:30 pm and went to the subway. The subway is my favorite. It's so much fun to me. Maybe I loved it this time especially because: instead of holding onto the metal poles, I held onto Matt Benyo or I was always laughing or because it's like a carnival ride. Hmm...Times Square is the best. Yeah, it's touristy, but I love the lights, energy, and tables. At one point, there was a group of people posing and I kept telling Matt that I should go re-pose as them, but have a really horrible, exaggerated face. This one girl kept making POUTY LIPS so I was copying her. Matt and I probably laughed 5 million times during this excursion. Here's an adorable picture of us in Times Square.We kept looking at the subway tracks for rats because that's fun. I'll elaborate on RAT WATCHING later. We ended up doing a bunch of stuff once we got there. We went to Mood Fabrics (off of Project Runway) to see the store's mascot, Swatch the dog, but SWATCH WASN'T THERE. I was so miz. We went to Subway because everyone was hungry and I hate Subway, but I said I'd get a pizza. "Oh, sorry, we're out of pizzas." Of course you are, Subway, because it'd be way too convenient for you to actually have what you advertise. I went to Cosi and had a piece of bread and a root beer. Afterwards, we went to FAO Schwarz (the toy store).We also went to Toys R Us and shenanigans ensued. We went up into the Barbie look out area and looked for OMBRES. Ombres are girls that let their roots grow in instead of maintaining their color. Matt says it's "in". I say it's not. We found like 1. We pointed out celebrity look-a-likes. I also probably said, "Why so serious?" 43 times during this trip. Afterwards, we went back to Times Square.I wanted Jamba Juice. We found it, but it was closed. OF COURSE IT WAS. It closed at 7:30 pm. WHAT? I thought New York was the city that never sleeps? We were walking around and I made eye contact with some guy and he said hi so I said hi back and then he asked me if he could talk to me and I said NOPE and walked away really fast. That sounds rude, but he was being a creep. I had another eye contact situation that got me into a predicament, but I'll save that for the 3rd post. I also saw a guy do cocaine, but at first I thought he was playing the harmonica. [I'm forgetting things, but you can check Matt and Nate's blogs for the rest. I'm waiting for Matt to post his pictures because he was the photographer of the trip. [POST THEM, MATT BENYO.] Then sleep came and the next morning I was a real a hole.

To be continued.


Nate Bou said...

Yes, you didn't do any work! :)

Also, he wasn't doing cocaine! He had allergies!!
Lovley post. Don't forget the details!

Brad said...

hahah! fun! you have to eat pizza in NY!!

Matt Benyo said...


I totally forget about the cocaine man!

Subways are so much fun, when riding with the right people. And you are always the right person!

Julia Maiuri said...

THE HUGH THING ACTUALLY HAPPENED!?!??!? After all of my insane fangirl comments I laughed at myself because I thought, "wow that was probably TOTALLY a joke and I practically hurled myself into the trap and now her and her friends are having a good laugh at my expense." BUT THE PICTURES ARE HERE AND OMG OMG OMG HI HUGH.

Julia Maiuri said...

Oh hah, in my hysterical fit of excitement at Hugh Jackman, I scrolled too far down and posted the comment on the wrong post. Ya knoww.