Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This is my 365th post! WHOO! SO, Devil's Night was KINDA insane. FOR SOME REASON, Matt Benyo and I decided to have a scare-a-thon and scared each other all day. Actually, he scared me the whole time and I kept saying I was going to get him REALLY good at midnight, but he beat me to the punch by dressing up like Michael Meyers (full costume; looked IDENTICAL to him) and waited for me on the balcony. Well, I saw him through the glass and jumped like a track star over the couch and ran out the door. I finally came back in and went into the bathroom, which he broke into with impressive force I might add, and stood there like a creep and made my heart race faster than it ever has. Needless to say, I couldn't compete with him so he won. I didn't even end up doing anything which mildly bums me out, but WHATEVER. I have no idea what's going on today. Brother Chan and I may go trick or treating, but that's TBD. Here's a montage. Happy Halloween, everybody!


Julia Maiuri said...

i feel your pain! all my friends have to do it put their hair in front of their face and walk slowly like samara and i piss myself. :(

Charles George Esperanza said...

this would make an awesome T shirt