Saturday, October 30, 2010

Devil's Night.

I'm watching 28 Days Later. I adore this movie and Cillian Murphy. I've been watching a variety of Horror films to get me ready for Halloween which is 10 1/2 hours away. I also carved my FIRST PUMPKIN EVER the other day and made Halloween cookies. The pumpkin carving turned out horribly. I was going to do Harry Potter and then I underestimated how difficult it was to carve a pumpkin so instead I just stabbed it a bunch of times and may or may not have attempted to write Taris. I have mild OCD and I HATE getting my hands dirty so reaching inside of the pumpkin to de-gut it, was terrible. I was also forced into eating my first pumpkin seed and I didn't like it, but at least I tried it. Halloween fest continues while I'm being held HOSTAGE. Who knows what dastardly deeds will ensue this eve.

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