Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shenanigans & Chan.

Today Matt Benyo and I were mischievous.

We saw the amazing CODY BUEGE; he was guest starring in a play and made it the only reason worth watching. He stole the show AGAIN. I told him he did an amazing job and then he played with my hair and said it was so white. I'm pretty sure I was giggling like an idiot, but I can't help it; he's so adorable and charming.

We visited Nate at the Moose Lodge and trying to get in there was the first of many feats. It's like A CLUB HOUSE with a hidden door! We got inside and I was able to meet Nate's aunts and mom and they were lovely! Then Matt and I came up with a plan to steal pizza because our stomachs wanted nomz. We stole the pizza, ran out the back door, and jumped into the car. DEVIOUS. We were dying, but Nate was disappointed. We offered to return the stolen goods, but the damage was done.

We played a movie game at Betsy's and I won 2x because I'm COMPETITIVE.

Brother Chan & I spent quality time together and took photos. Click photo to see!

1 comment:

Matt Benyo said...

You won because YOU'RE SO OLD.

The best picture of the two of you is clearly the second one from the right, top row.