Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Advice.

Snippets from Love and Learn and Pass It On: People ages 5 to 95 share what they've discovered about life, love, and other good stuff by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
I've learned that...
the more creative you are, the more things you notice. -Age 51
it doesn't cost anything to be nice. -Age 66
a strong code of ethics is as reliable as a compass. -Age 43
a person is only as good as his or her word. -Age 90
trust is the single most important factor in both personal and professional relationships. -Age 20
nothing of value comes without effort. -Age 64
even the simplest task can be meaningful if I do it in the right spirit. -Age 72
it's better to be married to someone w/a good nature than a good physique. -Age 39
anticipation is often better than the real thing. -Age 46


Matt Benyo said...

^^I love that first comment! Ha!

My favorite one is the last one. Anticipation is a killer.

I'm waiting to hear what these 5 year olds have to say!!

torE said...

The fifth one I can relate to.