Sunday, November 7, 2010


I went to a play with Matt Benyo over the weekend at his old high school and I met this actor named Cody. He plans on going to NYU next year and this guy has IT. I was so captivated by his performance. I'm telling you, this one has the IT factor that will make him a star. His dream is to be on SNL and I swear, he's gonna do it. He has the passion; I can just feel it. I hope he doesn't lose that passion and motivation as he goes through life. I feel like that's my problem. I was once that wide eyed girl that believed the world was my oyster, but I feel like I've gone astray. Something about meeting/talking to Cody stirred something in me. It's time to get things together. It's the end of the year and I want to start the next one off right. You can't soar with the eagles when you're surrounded by turkeys. That's the first step; surrounding yourself with motivated and passionate individuals, but to also surround yourself with people who support your endeavors. It's not impossible to make it without support, but it sure makes the road a hell of a lot easier when you've got people behind you.

From Love and Learn and Pass It On: People ages 5 to 95 share what they've discovered about life, love, and other good stuff by H. Jackson Brown, Jr:
I've learned that...
it pays to believe in miracles. And to tell the truth, I've seen several. -Age 73
the more material things you have, the less freedom you have. -Age 62
a good reputation is a person's greatest asset. -Age 74
you shouldn't look for romance where you work. -Age 31
everyone is attractive when they smile. -Age 51
you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It could be the last time you see them. -Age 60
attractiveness is a positive, caring attitude and has nothing to do with face lifts or nose jobs. -Age 56
the secret of growing old gracefully is never to lose your enthusiasm for meeting new people and seeing new places. -Age 75

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Julia Maiuri said...

"Do you know what has come into my mind, that in the first period of a painter's life one unconsciously makes it very hard for oneself - by feeling of not being able to master the work - by an uncertainty as to whether one will ever master it - by a great ambition to make progress, but a lack of self-confidence - one cannot banish a certain feeling of agitation, and one hurries oneself though one doesn't like to be hurried. This cannot be helped, and it is a time which one must go through, and in my opinion could not and should not be otherwise." -Vincent Van Gogh

Keep powering through! The world is still your oyster if you let it. You are so talented and agh! If it makes you feel better, your art is one of my talented things that I surround myself with for motivation. Where do ya think I got the idea for those paper things in my moleskine?!