Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Jetsons!

I thoroughly enjoyed The Jetsons growing up. I always preferred The Jetsons to The Flinstones, but when they did that movie together, it was rad. The best episode was the one with Jet Screamer. He was a rockstar and he held contest for someone to write his next song and then they'd get to go on a date with him. Judy was all about him. I remember her song sucked: "Jet screamer is a dreamer." BUT Elroy was making up a secret language and that's what got mailed instead of Judy's lame song and then Jet Screamer picked Judy's and she won. Then THIS song gets sung!I've learned that...
regardless of color or age, we all need the same amount of love. -Age 37
a person's degree of self-confidence greatly determines his success. -Age 42
success is more often the result of hard work than of talent. -Age 59
if you care, it shows. -Age 30
animals can sometimes warm your heart better than people can. -Age 15


Lee said...

This is so cool Chelsea, really charming

Hado said...

Eep op ork, aah! aah!
And that means I love thiiiisss.

Matt Benyo said...

I, myself, preferred the Flintstones.
But barely.
It's hard to pick one over the other!

Really rad cutout (?)!! It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

His nose does not look phallic to me.

What kind of P does Z have?!!

Chelsea Kirchoff said...

Thanks, guys! :D

Brad said...

haha! this is awesome!!!! love everything about it. especially the texture and the way you squared off the angles.

i was always a jetsons guy, didn't care much for the flinstones. watching that video was great, i remember it like it was yesterday!