Friday, November 5, 2010

Co, Sno, & Mo.

CONAN O'BRIEN RETURNS on Monday at 11:00 pm on TBS! His first guests are going to be Seth Rogen, Rachel Berry (from Glee), and Jack White's performing. I've heard Jay Leno won't be invited on the show and can still suck it. While Conan returns Monday, Tuesday (at 8 on Fox) Glee welcomes DARREN CRISS! This is the first time I will actually admit to watching Glee because I adore DC. He went to the University of Michigan and starred as Harry Potter in A Very Potter Musical. There's like 14 acts, but it's totally worth watching (and there's A Very Potter Sequel). So, Darren is going to be on GLEE. It's a big deal. This drawing is not an accurate depiction of him though. This looks like John Lennon dressed as Harry Potter. Darren Criss doesn't look like that so watch the show and see him.I've been a sno cone fiend lately. Blue is the only way to go. I had red, but I gave it to Matt Benyo and Nathan Bou. Actually, I have to say thanks to both of them because without their generous donation in the form of a sno cone machine, I wouldn't be as ecstatic as I am. I really do act this giddy when I'm eating sno cones, but I think the blade is getting worn down. When I make them, I have to crank the lever and I do it really hard and I feel like a lumberjack. So, I'm looking forward to when the snow starts falling because I will just go outside, scoop that up, and eat it all day.The weekend is upon us. No signs of snow yet. I heard rumors that it was supposed to snow. Let's see! Also, Matt and I have a bet going about when they're going to start playing Christmas music on the radio. He thinks by Sunday and I say by Wed. I actually think we're hanging out this weekend (right..?) I'm going to assume we are. Therefore, I'm excited..!! xx Have an awesome weekend, everyone!

I've learned that...
regardless of your relationship with your parents, you miss them terribly after they die. -Age 53
you should never go to bed with an argument unsettled. -Age 73
education, experience, and memories are three things no one can take away from you. -Age 67
it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. -Age 51
self-pity is a waste of time. -Age 81
if you look for the worst in life and in people, you'll find it. But if you look for the best, you'll find that instead. -Age 66


Matt Benyo said...

I've hooked you on THE BEST shows around!
Glee... X Factor... Glee!

I hope DC doesn't disappoint!

Lee said...

Super duper post as usual Chelsea.

Also...I'm honoured to have you on my list! Done and done

brezinka said...

Hi Chelsea- thanks for your faithful visits to my blog. I am diggin the Conan and Darren Criss portraits/characters above. Hope the teaching gig is going well and you are enjoying your time with the students.