Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Advice!

I'm gonna talk about what I did yesterday (Saturday) on Monday so I can post the art that goes with it. Until then, enjoy this advice from Love and Learn and Pass It On: People ages 5 to 95 share what they've discovered about life, love, and other good stuff by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I've learned that...
going the extra mile puts you miles ahead of your competition. -Age 66
you should keep your promises no matter what. -Age 81
love will break your heart, but it's worth it. -Age 26
talking on the phone long w/a girl makes your parents suspect something. -Age 11
everyone can afford to be generous with praise. It's not something available only to the well-to-do. -Age 76

1 comment:

Matt Benyo said...

The 11-year-old's advice made me laugh out loud!!

I also agree about the promises advice!