Monday, August 16, 2010

Three Pairs.

Shoe time, all the time. I'm working on a handful of shoes for a handful of friends and I'm watching Are You Afraid of the Dark while doing it. I'm on disc 2 episode 4 (I think). It's The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor. Right now I am taking a break and enjoying a conversation with Christian Barr and the episode that's currently on is my favorite (Midnight Madness) because Nosferatu makes a cameo.

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Nicole said...

aaah, all that sounds epic. I feel so bad, I can hardly keep up with you! your life is so full of stuff. Like.. fun stuff, not just work (like mine seems to be at the moment. DAMN DISSERTATIONS!) ;o; lol
I remember Are you Afraid of the Dark!! I loved it with the original people. I stopped watching when the new cast came along.. So I don't really know how they were D:
And anything with a cameo from Nosferatu can't be not watched! haha
Can't wait to see how the shoes turn out!!