Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sad Men.

I wanna clear something up. It's not that I'm obsessed with Oscar, it's just that while the other kids switch classes, Oscar stays with me and works on comics all day so he is literally the only kid that I'm with the ENTIRE day. Granted, he'll go off to the office to hang out with Matt or he'll stop by Jill's (or hang out with Proma), but for the past couple of days, he's been consistently with me. We're buddies. So I just wanted to clear that up. Of course, this is probably bad because it means I'm getting attached and therefore means Friday I'M going to be like Niagara Falls.

I was working with watercolor when the kids were painting their self portraits and made these two portraits. I asked random kids what they thought these character's names would be and I got a few different answers. One of the kids said the man on the left would be into going to church, but this one girl, Paige, walked by and I said, "Hey Paige! What would this guy's name be?" When I said "name" I meant 'Jim' or 'Dan' BUT she stood there for a second and said, "The Crying Man" and I was like WHOA! YES! So that is his name. Perfect. Another girl, Meg, that sassed me asked me why my characters look so sad. I don't know MEG. Maybe I am sad. Maybe I'm sad that this job is ending. The kids always give me something to think about.

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mb said...

I don't believe you, because you are a liar! ;)