Saturday, August 14, 2010

Real DEAD.

I worked on the set of Real Steel thursday as an extra from 6 pm to 6 am. Jesus Christ. I thought movies were all fun and games. WRONG. It was a lot of work and a lot of pain. I had to wear heels THE ENTIRE TIME and I have blisters on each of my toes, but the biggest blister that comes in second place for the "Worst Blister I've Ever Had" award (first place goes to the California Yogurt Cap), is THIS ONE:In the beginning, I was in line for hair and make up and the make up girl just decided to walk down the line. I'm standing there with my sister and 2 friends (the guys waited in a different line) and the girl goes, "You look good except for this foundation smear." I start rubbing my face, "Oh? I have a smear?" and she goes, "Yeah right on your cheek!" and then my friend Jill goes, "That's her birth mark..." AWKWARD.

I got paired up with this arabic guy and he was a creep. My friends just stood there and laughed while I was beyond miz, but then Hugh Jackman saved me.

Today Janine was at work so I decided I was going to get the blender out and make some sno-cones. I put 12 cubes in the blender, turned it on, and then it smelled like burning appliances mixed with the Cedar Point rollercoaster, Disaster Transport, so I turned it off and then it wouldn't turn back on. Janine was right; the ice cubes broke the blender. THEN, I had this BRILLIANT idea, to put the ice cubes in a giant turkey baking bag (because we were out of zip-lock bags) and smash the bag on the ground like a caveman. Too bad after the second smashing, the bag busted open and the ice cubes flew all over the kitchen. No sno-cones YET AGAIN. MIZ!


Anonymous said...

Santa saved you?! How?!!?!?

mb said...

You didn't even mention me! lol
Your blister looks NASTY!

Kristina said...

Haha..your poor feet!

And as for your quest to make sno-cones....They do make blenders with enough horsepower to bust up the ice but they are effin' expensive! However, we have an old sno-cone making type machine from back in the day when we were making alcoholic sno-cones at Bailey's. Let me see if I can get my hands on it for you. :)

Kat Friday said...

Thanks for always looking at my dumb stuff, Chelsea! You're fantastic!=D

I can't wait to see the shoes you're working on!
And your blister almost made me faint... That's gotta be the most painful blister I've ever seen!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea, I'm on "Hippo" working right by your parents and they were telling me about your work. Very Impressive I must say!!! My brother and I are also artist, but we sculpt. If you get a chance, check out our work at I hope that foot has heeled since we have 6 more days on the set! Take Care!!


rasinbrandi said...

that is one serious blister mister!