Sunday, August 29, 2010


Pizza Papalis' thin crust pizza is top notch.
I can be kind of cheesy.
I received a letter from Ellyn Marmaduke and it made my week.
Snail mail is the best mail; I love it.
I like how shoes fit together so well in a box.
The Kids Are All Right was good.
I'm in awe of the way that hair grows in a spiral fashion on our heads.
I'm intrigued when I see which genes kids received from their parents.
The Camp Rock 2 songs are good (even though I only like 2 of them).
I really want to paint my nails sparkly, but I lack the nail polish to do so.
I dislike Gretchen on Project Runway.
True Blood only has 2 episodes left.
In the past 5 days, I've worked 62 hours on the movie Real Steel.
I met Miss USA while with Hugh because she's there for some reason.
Summer is almost over and I haven't had any sno-cones. WTF.

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