Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Frands Of Mine.

I'm almost finished with these shoes I'm working on. HOPEFULLY I'll have them done by tomorrow. In the mean time, I wanted to introduce you to two of my friends that are new to the blog world: Meredith Miotke and Max Majoros. Meredith has been posting sketchbook stuff (including some neat challenges) and I like her line weight. Max has been doing comics that are very HIM. Max is a funny guy and his style is really neat. It slightly reminds me of Daniel Clowes with a dash of my friend, Andy Gabrysiak. Check them both out though. They're great.

I'm going to do an ABC type of deal in the coming weeks so I need some things to draw. For each letter, I'm planning on filling two pages full of just random drawings of whatever gets thrown at me with that letter. So, I need things to draw for each letter. Any ideas and/or suggestions are well appreciated.


Meredith Miotke said...

Thanks for the shout out Chelsea!

Max said...

Thanks chelsea!