Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vlog Deux!

Matt Benyo and I made a vlog together! He posted a different one on his blog. His is from 4:30 am. We're dead in it. Now everyone can put a voice to the guy I talk about. Whatever, we're best friends; best friends talk about each other. We recorded a bunch of videos, but this is a 'BEST OF' video. We also took over 400 photos on photobooth and I'll post the 'best of' those tomorrow. It's basically Matt Benyo week.


Anonymous said...

Can we please talk about how good the fake voice is? Basically my favorite.

Matt Benyo said...

I love this.
We seem so excited and rowdy in this video compared to mine.
Probably because it was like 3 hours prior and we weren't feeling the sleep deprivation yet.

Julia Maiuri said...

i'm noticing a trend where you always refer to matt benyo by his first and last name. i dig it.

Anonymous said...

Are you guys dating? You seem to be the most loud and annoying couple ever.

Matt Benyo said...

Are you jelly Anon?