Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I wish I could take photos, make videos, watch ridiculous videos, & laugh all night; every night. Previous participants in shenanigans of this nature include: Sister Shelby & Brother Chan. I can officially add Matt Benyo to the list. Night owls FTW.


Matt Benyo said...

Holy moly.
Too many photos!!!
Can't properly look at them all.

Matt Benyo said...

I actually just now looked at all these photos.
My favorites are the top right and bottom right corners.

Why is this paper making me hate writing it so much?

smushbox said...

Hey! with all of your posts and stuff I have always felt like i've known your friend Matt lol

just saying hi :) keep up the good work on here!
(I am ... 6 months or so behind on my blog lol)

You're swell.