Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet Sandwich.

I've perfected yet another sandwich; which is ironic because I hate sandwiches, but these don't count because they don't have gross meat(s) on them. I've perfected the grilled cheese, but my newest creation is the Sweet Sandwich. Included in this deliciousness is: nutella, honey, bananas, and italian bread. Toast the bread first, spread honey on one slice, nutella on the other, and cover both sides with bananas. Put it in the microwave for 12 seconds and you have perfection. I'm working on the name; it doesn't fit, but lemme tell you, this sandwich isn't doing ANYTHING to deflate my already inflated ego regarding my sandwich making skills. I'm a sandwich artist.My computer isn't picking up the internet in my house and it's making my heart swell with pure rage. I sat there for 40 minutes trying to get it to work, but it will not. I contemplated flipping my table over or putting my fist through the screen.

I hate to boast, but I miss the coasts; both California and New York.
Does anyone agree?


Julia Maiuri said...

hate to break it to you, but i totes invented this sandwich in the summer of '04.

back it on up, sister.

vince said...

that sandwich looks gross.
i miss new york.

Matt Benyo said...

That sandwich looks delish.

Also, I miss NY. :/