Monday, December 6, 2010

Party Zone.

I spent a few days with Matt Benyo & Nathan Bou. Matt and I pulled an all nighter last night and by 9 am we were out of our minds. At one point, we were laughing so hard, I thought my lungs were going to collapse from the lack of oxygen. I'm thinking about some of the videos we watched & I'm dying (Poker Face, Boom Box feet, and the noise Rose makes at the end of Titanic). Rewind to midnight the night before, we FINALLY skyped with Brother Chan. It was impossible to get him to make time for us. Look at this ADORABLE picture Matt took; straight cheesin. What I accomplished this weekend: adding way too many jokes to the inside joke express, making my laugh lines 100x worse, and making my next vlog. It'll be up TOMORROW.


Julia Maiuri said...


Matt Benyo said...


TBH, I didn't even read your post yet. Just saw Channy and felt the urge to comment.

Matt Benyo said...

Ok... I read it now.

Inside jokes ftw.

By the way, I think that we shou--GAGGGGGGG.

Get it?

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