Friday, September 4, 2020

Beetlejuice Trading Cards.

Matt Benyo and I teamed up for our most elaborate collaboration yet: BEETLEJUICE TRADING CARDS!!! They're currently for sale on my etsy (CLICK HERE) and the full pack can be yours for $25. The day we posted the first card, we offered 10 limited edition packs that featured a hand painted iridescent card (that looked like a foil card) and WE SOLD OUT OF THE EARLY BIRD LIMITED EDITION PACKS IN AN HOUR! It was INSANE! And we had only posted ONE card! Definitely a show stopping moment for us. It was amazing. I painted all of the portraits and the little icons in the circles. Matt was responsible for everything else and he friggin KILLED it. Really jazzed about all of this. If you love Beetlejuice and Halloween as much as we do, we hope you'll consider picking a pack up! It will make our dreams come true.

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