Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ann Arbor Art Museum!

It's actually called the UMMA (University of Michigan Museum of Art), but I prefer the title to this post. It's alright as far as museums go, but they falsely advertise a Warhol which is annoying. Matt Benyo is taking spring classes so I'll sometimes accompany him and attend a class because I like being an impostor student/learning and while he goes to the other, I go to the  UMMA and sketch from the paintings. This first one is "Lady Eleanor Dundas" by Sir Henry Raeburn. It was more of a warm up:
The next time I went, yesterday, I worked on "Laurent Cars" by Jean-Baptiste Perronneau and decided to take progress shots. I was really happy with the way this turned out; especially because I used pen. I took some liberties to do my own thing with the hair and cloak, but the face and stance are all from the painting. Drawing from the masters, as we were told in school, is still a good exercise. Click to enlarge!


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i love these!!!

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