Monday, September 27, 2010

Guess Who's Back...BACK AGAIN.

Not Slim Shady; me. After a brief hiatus, I'm back. I need to begin with some sort of explosive introduction which is why I'm going to post this picture of Christian Barr. He hasn't updated his blog in awhile, but that's okay because who has?I worked on Real Steel which is a movie staring Hugh Jackman about Robot Boxing. Some people might think this is right up my alley; it's not. I have a penchant for robots, but not rock em' sock em' robots. I was an extra in this film and if you've never worked on a movie set with extras, I'm going to highly recommend that you don't. It's like being in a room full of phonies that want to be famous. They've been in HUNDREDS of movies and they know EVERYONE and EVERYTHING and they know that Hugh Jackman bought a house here in Michigan. News flash; he didn't. I did, however, have my miserable parents working with me and two friends (now bffls) Matt Benyo and Nathan Bou. Not everyone was bad though. I made a few friends on set and they were AWESOME. I was asked more times than I can count if I got my tattoo for the movie (are you kidding me?) and the hours were insane, but it was definitely an experience. It lasted for 11 days and we had to wear the same outfit for the 11 days and come hair and make up ready which meant dressing to the nines at 6 in the morning. Not fun. However, Real Steel will be coming to a theatre near you November 2011. Try to find me. I'm the one with the HAIR.

I will be updating with sketches from the movie set and what not. I also spent a few days out in Ann Arbor and one day I went to U of M. It was a biology class. I did some drawing in there and wrote a few notes. I will post that too. I am home now (UNFORTUNATELY) and I made a small to do list. I rearranged my bulletin board and made it presentable. Sometimes I like to capitalize on mundane activities:In the coming posts, I will talk about The Spice Girls, my problem with showers, halloween, and other fun things. If you feel like this entry was a let down, you need to look at that picture of Chris again. Stay excellent.


Matt said...

Spice Girls, showers, and halloween.
I feel like I already know what all of those posts are going to say!

smushbox said...

hmm.... antoine dodson as a giraffe?!? lol

Rhiannon said...

My heart just broke when I saw the "Living to Party Tour 2010" on the board on the left, then no longer on the right.

mdunks said...